We are proud to have published the first novel of the renowned royal writer Lady Colin Campbell, Empress Bianca. The book is a sparkling but also critical portrayal of the powerful and wealthy classes from the late 1950s to the present day, and has already gained notoriety through being subject to a highly publicized legal action. This led to the book being pulped which resulted in the author issuing proceedings. After those came to an end the book was published in the US in September 2008 by Dynasty press to wide acclaim, and in the UK in October 2009. Its publication was indicative of our support.
We were also pleased to publish in the US, Sarah Goodall's lively account, The Palace Diaries, of her experience of working for Prince Charles's personal office. This book was also surrounded by controversy as it was threatened by the possibility of legal action from the Palace aiming to prevent publication. Finally it was published in the UK in 2006 (as a work of fiction). It received much interest and supportive reviews and has been hugely successful in Europe. It is an incisive, humorous but also revelatory exposé   of life and relationships at the heart of British royalty in recent times. Dynasty Press believed it was an important civil libertarian issue to publish the book without the pretence of fiction and therefore brought it out in North America  in 2008 as the work of fact which it is.

The dynamics of psychology within dynasties and families of social influence, and their connections to all family relationships, is an important strand of the ethos of Dynasty Press. These universal subjects are powerfully portrayed in two works we published in 2009, the poignant Silk Flowers Never Die, by Stella Mazzucchelli, and the impressive psychological study and memoir Daughter of Narcissus, by Lady Colin Campbell. These intensely personal memoirs show that though wealth and prestige may create a sense of social distance and elitism, personal challenges and private tragedies within even prominent family networks demonstrate the need for a common humanity and understanding if they are to be overcome.

In October 2010 we published the Marquess of Bath, Lord of Love by the renowned Biographer Nesta Wyn Ellis and Weimar to Westminster, the uplifting and important memoirs of one of the fathers of the Green Movement, the former Tory MP Peter Rost. 

In early 2011 we published the Memoirs of Frederick the Great's Sister, Princess Wilhelmina of Prussia.  Entitled Our Insane Family, these politically significant memoirs - considered the frankest Royal memoirs ever written - were of such political significance that they were translated from their original German in the mid 1880's by Queen Victoria's daughter, Princess Helena, in collusion with her sister and brother-in-law the Crown Princess and Crown Prince of Germany (who were democratic constitutional monarchists) in an attempt to stymie Bismarck's rampant militarism. An updated foreword an introduction by their descendant Princess Katarina, Lady de Silva explains why these memoirs were considered to be of such importance, and how the best efforts of the constitutional monarchists amounted to nought, with the result that the debacle which they tried avert came into being, causing the First and Second World Wars.  In the same year we also published With Love From Pet Heaven by TumTum the Springer Spaniel which is a truly entertaining and inspiring account of life from the canine perspective.

Later in 2011 we published the latest book by Liz Brewer, Liz Brewer's Ultimate Guide to Party Planning & Etiquette. England's foremost PR Liz Brewer took time out from her busy schedule, which includes being the etiquette guru on the hit TV series Ladette to Lady to write this informative guide to etiquette and party planning. This practical book is filled with a wealth of knowledge and information which people from all walks of life will find useful, helpful, and entertaining.

In April 2012 we released the unauthorised biography, THE UNTOLD LIFE OF QUEEN ELIZABETH THE QUEEN MOTHER by Lady Colin Campbell, whose worldwide bestseller Diana in Private was published in 1992 . The book represents a penetrating insight into the background and life of the woman who was the power behind the Throne.  It includes the so-far-unknown secrets surrounding her antecedents; the nature of the inevitably fatal hereditary disease which runs in her family; the fundamental part she played in the abdication of King Edward VIII and her subsequent relations with the  Duke and Duchess of Windsor; her relationships with her children, their spouses,  her grandchildren and their spouses, along with a wealth of other carefully researched material.  This book has had impact worldwide and never before have any of the many solidly backed up and fully sourced revelations been made. The book was on the NY Times Best Seller list of 2012 and listed as one of the Independent and Telegraph best reads.

In August 2012 came the latest novel by Richard Freeborn, American Alice.  Set in China at the time of the Russo-Japanese War, it is the story of a passionate love affair between an Anglo-American woman of mixed-race lineage and a Russian doctor. Freeborn worked on Dr Zhivago and his translation of Turgenev's play A Month in the Country starred Helen Mirren and John Hurt et al. when it was produced in London and enjoyed great success.

Towards the end of 2012 we published a novel by Mike Bearcroft, Dangerous Score. This is a roller coaster ride of football, mystery, love, crime and even more football making up a highly entertaining thriller with a real difference. The book has a percentage of all sales being donated to fantastic The Hillsborough Family Support Group who are, "delighted to benefit from Dangerous Score. It is a really gripping read that will be enjoyed by football fans and thriller readers alike." M. ASPINALL, Chairman.

In December we published a vignette by Julia Plumb titled Dad, Mum and Me exclusively on Kindle. The story tells of how her family managed in war time London and how in 1948 her mother took Julia and her brother back to Hungary to visit her relatives, a dangerous undertaking so soon after the war had ended. This is a touching and intimate story of family life in Bermondsey and the South East of London. The book intimately recalls the fate of the family after the war and is a valuable historical memoir that depicts a world and a way of life that has now disappeared.

We released a title from Peter Jarrette, Brighton Babylon. Peter Jarrette writes about his life in this seaside city saturated with colourful people, from hot pink clad cabin crew to grass-stained mendicants, all of whom experience the hopes, dreams, problems, addictions and hangovers of modern society. He moves through various jobs delivering startling insights into how the city works as well as plays. Friendships are found, formed and shipwrecked as Jarrette portrays a myriad of social and emotional scenarios with his own unique brand of dark humour. "Brighton Babylon is a sharp enjoyable page turner with Peter Jarrette pulling no punches with his rapier wit and stories of our city's ü  ber-colourful lifestyles.  No matter where in the UK you live, you'll no doubt see hilarious glimpses of yourselves and your friends in this fab roller-coaster novel. Already Brighton Babylon reads like a TV mini-series and you'll be gagging for the sequel!"  Marc Abraham, Author and TV Vet

We published Death by Dior, the extraordinary true story of Christian Dior's niece Francoise Dior by Terry Cooper. Terry was Francoise's intimate companion for many years and the story of the Nazi heiress manqué   to Dior's fashion empire who had more than a hand in the death of her own daughter is exposed in full detail for the first time in his book.  We have also recently published the following novels: A Tale of Two Russians by Christopher Arthur, The Killing of Anna Karenina, Mr Frankenstein and Watching the Accident Happen, all by Richard Freeborn, as well as Recusant by Al Dillon and new editions of Lady Colin Campbell's best-selling autobiography A Life Worth Living and the personal biography of John Major by Nesta Wyn Ellis.
Dynasty Press, founded in 2008, is a boutique Publishing House specializing in works connected to royalty, dynasties and people of influence.

Committed to the freedom of the press to allow authentic voices and important stories to be made available to the public, Dynasty Press boldly publishes titles which reveal and analyse the lives of those placed in the upper echelons of society.
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