Alfred J. Dillon was born in New York City in 1930. As a child, he took several trips to Newfoundland, Canada with his family, which left deep impressions on him which would stay with him for the rest of his life. 

From stories told to him by his mother, Alfred came to understand the significance of Newfoundland to the Rookwood family, and from there, came to understand the significance of the Rookwood history. Alfred joined the U.S. Navy and in early 1966 he assumed command of the USS Washtenaw County LST-1166, and led the ship during some of the most crucial years of the Vietnam War. 

In no small part due to his leadership, the Washtenaw became one of the most highly decorated ships of the Vietnam War. He was eventually promoted to Captain and sent to Coronado, California to command Naval Beach Group One.  Diagnosed with a heart condition, he retired in 1980 after 31 years in service of his country.

Alfred became president of the San Diego Little Theatre and the founding president of the Del Mar Public Access Cable Television Stations. With a virtually endless desire for further knowledge, he was known to his friends, family, and fellow servicemen to be exceptionally well-read and a leader. Captain Dillon's life was one characterized by an unending quest for answers.

After 84 years of remarkable achievements, travels, and contributions to his community, he rests in San Diego, California where he can stand watch over the ocean he so loved and to which he dedicated three decades of his life.
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Alfred J. Dillon
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