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In October 2010 we published the Marquess of Bath, Lord of Love by the renowned biographer Nesta Wyn Ellis, which is a penetrating insight into the life and mind of one of the aristocracy's most colourful characters who also happens to be one of the most successful businessmen of his generation.  The book itself was greeted with critical acclaim in many quarters, including the Daily Mail, which praised it as one of the most brilliant biographies. 

At the same time, we also published Weimar to Westminster, the uplifting and important memoirs of one of the fathers of the Green Movement, the former Tory MP Peter Rost, who recounts what it was like to be a Jewish child in Nazi German before becoming a British Member of Parliament.  A truly unique story told in the authentic voice of a truly unique man. 

In summer 2011 we published Liz Brewer's Ultimate Guide to Party Planning and Etiquette, an entertaining and informative tome which every novice or experienced host or hostess will find invaluable. Aside from being witty and informative, it is filled with practical information which the author, who is High Society's leading party planner, shares with her readers. 

In autumn 2011 we published Our Insane Family:  the Memoirs of Frederick the Great's Sister, Princess Wilhelmina of Prussia. These are adjudged to be amongst the most important memoirs of all time, and were originally translated by Queen Victoria's daughter Princess Helena in an attempt to undermine Bismarck's Prussian militaristic objectives. Honest to an excoriating degree, they show why the author was regarded as one of the leading lights of the Age of Enlightenment, and why the constitutional democratic movement in 19th century German sought to turn them into a warning against the evils of unchecked militarism. They have been updated with an elucidatory introduction by one of Wilhelmina's descendants, HRH Princess Katarina, Lady de Silva.

In autumn 2011 we also brought out With Love From Pet Heaven.  This is a touching, affectionate account by Tum Tum the Springer Spaniel of her life on earth and, latterly, in Pet Heaven.  It has appeal for all animal lovers and especially for those who have lost or will lose pets.
In April 2012, The Untold Life of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother by the London and New York Times bestselling royal author Lady Colin Campbell will be released.  With access to sources unavailable to other authors, Lady Colin once more strips away the myths and fantasies surrounding a much-revered royal figure, and, just as she did with Diana, Princess of  Wales, gives the world its first accurate portrait of a beloved royal figure in all her glorious humanity.

Future publications include American Alice, a novel by the distinguished academic Richard Freeborn. Oxford don, UCLA and Manchester University Professor, Richard was chair of Russian Literature at the UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies. He is an expert in Turgenev and was employed by MGM to monitor the English translation of Dr Zhivago.  His interest in the Russian Revolutionary movement led him to look closely at the first Russian revolution of 1905, an almost forgotten event that threw up a number of issues he feels are very much still relevant to the present day.  Set in China at that time of the Russo-Japanese War, it is the story of a passionate love between an Anglo-American woman of mixed-race lineage and a Russian doctor. The book sensitively explores a range of relationships, culminating in showing how a young woman can suddenly be so outraged by injustice that her boldness earns the respect of everyone round her.
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