Brighton Babylon by Peter Jarrette

: 978-0-9568038-5-6
: 448pp
:  19th February 2013
: Dynasty Press Ltd

'Bags of fish for cats…  50 pence'.  So it was written, on a chalkboard sign outside a fresh fishmonger's, under the arches of the raised promenade along the beachfront of England's newly super trendy and booming seaside City of Brighton and Hove.
In Brighton Babylon, PK Heights is a Grade II listed maisonette flat in one of the City's up and coming Regency Squares that provides the elegant base for a series of interlocking true stories about the city's people and their lives.  Newly relocated from London, Brighton resident Peter Jarrette combines and intertwines his stories, using a colourful palette that is one part Brokeback Beach and three parts seawater.  He vividly portrays a selection of suspect characters and shocking episodes; much like the curious bits and pieces that might be on offer in one of those bags of fish for cats. 

To the author's consternation, the residents and visitors are a thoroughly peculiar and motley crew.  This former string of south coast fishing villages with a royal and decadent past may now be a thoroughly cosmopolitan City and even aspire to being an international hub, but it has not yet lost its renowned and celebrated dark side, far from it.  Brighton Babylon is populated by a cast of unsavoury hobos and bother boys; Yardie obsessed golden shower webmasters from nearby Crawley; mistakenly racist London hairdressers; strangely scripted market researchers; extemporised short-haul cabin crew;  pushy airline First Officers;  politically incorrect new food emporia; a vengeful, crumbling resort Pier and a locally obsessed, cat-mad press pack.






"Snap Peter Jarrette in half and you'll find the name Brighton repeated in his bones like in sticks of rock. His glorious evocation is so rich and vivid, you can taste and smell the city on every page."
Peter James, international best-selling novelist who knocked the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy off the top of the UK paperback bestseller list.

"Set though it is in Britain's provincial capital of seediness and sleaze, Brighton Babylon reflects the desires and distractions, afflictions and addictions of city dwellers everywhere. Featuring tramps, trolley dollies, transients and possibly Triazepan, Peter Jarrette's is a shockingly fresh voice offering a modern social commentary poured with humour and served with a splash of poignancy. A Sex and The City for a fresh and funky century."
Julie Burchill: Writer

"Brighton Babylon is a sharp enjoyable page turner with Peter Jarrette pulling no punches with his rapier wit and stories of our city's über-colourful lifestyles.  No matter where in the UK you live, you'll no doubt see hilarious glimpses of yourselves and your friends in this fab roller-coaster novel. Already Brighton Babylon reads like a TV mini-series and you'll be gagging for the sequel!"
Marc Abraham, Author and TV Vet

"A knowing romp through the bawdy back alleys of Brighton. Great fun, witty and full of the complicated characters that lurk below the surface of this fine city"
Martin Webb: Freelance Contributor Daily Telegraph, Presenter Risking It All Channel 4

"Peter Jarrette's new book takes you on a tour of the hidden almost seedy underbelly of Brighton, often obscured by the town's beautiful façade. Peter is great at captivating his audience with a plethora of motley city characters, and opening a window in to their unusual lives. Let's hope Peter follows in the footsteps of Brighton's array of successful authors!"
Verity Craig: Editor Absolute Media

"A veritable romp of a novel showcasing the vibrancy and general nuttiness of the City of Brighton and Hove and Peter himself.    A well-written page turner, guaranteed to tickle your ribs with every chapter."
Briggy Smale: Music Entertainment Correspondent & Author
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