Empress Bianca, by Lady Colin Campbell

:  978-0-9553507-0-2
: 444pp
: 2009
: Dynasty Press Ltd

Lady Colin Campbell's first novel has already attracted much critical interest and also controversy as the original publishers were threatened with defamation and legal action from Lily Safra, 'the world's wealthiest widow' who claimed that the main character - a socially scheming double murderess - was based on her own life.

With the legal dispute resolved (see Articles for more information), Dynasty Press is delighted to publish and re-launch this fascinating, fast paced novel. Empress Bianca is a story of intrigue, family conflict and passionate individual ambition operating within the heart of wealthy international society. It is also a sparkling and dynamic revelation of how power and influence can be used by the ruthless and amoral for personal gain.

Through a brilliant portrayal of a despotic but appealing woman, Georgie Campbell has written a compelling exposé   of class, elite society, and the highly privileged. As we follow Bianca's rise from a housewife in post-war Mexico to the upper echelons of high society we learn of her manipulations and schemes to gain wealth and status in an unpredictable and sometimes vengeful world.

There is already strong interest in turning the novel into a film, with Anjelica Huston expressing interest in playing the elder Bianca and acquiring the film rights. For further information see the Daily Mail 9th April 2009.

'…  a brilliant novel.' - Alexander Waugh of the Literary review

'Order this book immediately…  a highly controversial novel, the talk of international society.' --Dominick Dunne, Vanity Fair

'…  the writer who lays bare the secrets of the aristocratic and upper-class.' - Stuart Husband. Independent on Sunday
Another Lily savaging for Lady Colin from the world's richest widow
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