Our Insane Family, by Frederick the Great's sister Princess Wilhelmine of Prussia
Translated from German by Queen Victoria's daughter, HRH Princess Helena now edited
and updated by HRH Princess Katarina, Lady de Silva

Publisher: Dynasty Press Ltd

Wilhelmine of Prussia's no-holds-barred memoirs give a penetrating insight into the bizarre upbringing she and her brother Frederick the Great suffered at the hands of an insane father and a callous mother. Almost unbelievably, the family was forced to go hungry  and to dress in tatters,  while their father ploughed the considerable resources of the state into creating the Prussian Militaristic Machine which would cause several European wars in the future, including the Franco-Prussian War and the First and Second World Wars. 
These memoirs were translated by Queen Victoria's daughter Helena, with the approval of her sister Crown Princess Victoria and brother-in-law Crown Prince Frederick of Germany (the parents of Kaiser Wilhelm 11) as a covert warning to Europe of the dangerous direction in which Bismarck and Emperor Wilhelm 1 were steering the German Empire. 
This edition includes an illuminating and unique  Foreword and updated Introduction by HRH Princess Katarina, Lady de Silva, a descendant of these historical figures, explaining the objectives of the author, Wilhemine, in penning  such witheringly frank  memoirs, and the translator,  Helena, in translating into English for widespread dissemination a tale which  was by then unknown even in Germany, and which, under more ordinary circumstances, they would have suppressed.  However, these supporters of constitutional monarchy and liberal government were intent on warning the world of the dangers of absolute monarchy and unchecked militarism, and hoped that by disseminating these memoirs throughout the English-speaking world, they could bring pressure to bear upon the direction the German State was taking. 
As a historical document of rare prescience, this edition, with the updated Foreword and Introduction, is unsurpassable.
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