The Palace Diaries: The True Story of Life at the Palace
by Prince Charles' Secretary
, by Sarah Goodall & Nicholas Monson

:  978-09553507-1-9
: 320pp
: 2008
: Dynasty Press Ltd

The Palace Diaries is a hilarious and light-hearted look at life behind the scenes of the Royal Establishment by a naï  ve and rather accident-prone young woman whose dreams all come true when she is given the opportunity to work for the heir to the throne. It is also a humorous introduction to Royal life for the uninitiated, involving disclosures about palace life, key individuals who run the Prince's household and the human realities beneath the glamorous faç  ade.

Sarah Goodall is the good natured and lively outsider who comes to be a Lady Clerk in the office of Prince Charles in 1988 and is catapulted to fame when she is suddenly dismissed from the royal household twelve years later. During her employment within the Household, she travels extensively with the Prince, witnesses the collapse of the marriage of Charles and Diana, helps with the funeral arrangement of the Princess's tragic death and provides a personal account of the long standing affair between Charles and Camilla. Though Sarah manages to maintain a good rapport with her Royal employer, eventually the fairy tale comes crashing down due to personal tensions beyond her control. Further, when Prince Charles learns Sarah is to produce a memoir of her period in the Palace, his lawyers seriously consider the possibility of legal action against the publishers. Yet as she says herself in the Prologue to the book: Forgive and Forget. '…  my story of twelve years inside the Royal Household is one, I hope, you will greatly enjoy. As you will see, I hugely enjoyed it myself…  '

This book has been a great success in Europe, selling over 100,000 copies. The BBC has produced a talking book version and the film rights have already been sold. The Palace Diaries was serialized exclusively The Daily Mail in 2006.

'Racy, outrageous and hilarious - it's the most surprising book of the year.' Mail on Sunday

'…  one of the funniest books I have ever read…  a work of rare genius.' Jeremy Macdonogh The London Miscellany

'Offers a lively portrait of everyday life in the royal family . . . forthright and personal.' Scotland on Sunday
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