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PomPoms Up!, by Carol Cleveland

: 978-0-9928161-0-0
: 293
:  9th June 2014
: Dynasty Press Ltd

Carol Cleveland has driven a consistent career in international film, TV and stage that's toured the decades and famously landed her many mighty pit-stops with her boisterous 'brothers', the boys of Monty Python.

In 'Pom-Poms Up! From Puberty to Python' the British born, American raised and RADA trained actress reveals her life, loves and laughs as the 'Glamorous PYTHON GIRL' who famously kept her cool and a straight face in the heat of the humour generated by Cleese, Palin, Jones, Gilliam and the late Chapman, The 'MONTY' Pythons.

Unofficially referred to as the 7TH Python, Miss Cleveland has BIG, star studded stories to unveil on her work and associations with other stellar entertainment names like Warren Beatty, Shirley MacLaine, Shelley Winters and even everyone's 'Lovejoy', Ian McShane. Carol spills behind-the-scenes secrets and delivers up-front thrills that makes 'Pom Poms Up! From puberty to the Pythons and beyond' as titillating as any summertime blockbuster.

The actress has appeared in over 30 films (ALL the Monty Python films, The Return of The Pink Panther, If It's Tuesday This Must Be Belgium);  55 roles in TV shows (The Avengers, The Persuaders, Randall & Hopkirk, The Saint, Bourne Identity~the USA mini-series, Two Ronnies); AT LEAST 75 or so theatre roles and A VARIETY OF BBC radio shows.

The colossal success of Monty Python's Flying Circus however caught Carol in its much loved comedic amber like the rarest of rare things; a permanent featured female performer WITH THE all-male Pythons.

Scores of acting roles followed, adding to her long career. Most recently Carol portrayed 'Edna' in the American made-for-TV film 'The Sweeter Side of Life' and 'Irene Jones' in the COMEDY sci-fi feature 'The Search for Simon' that won her a nomination in the 2013 Monaco Film Festival/ ANGEL FILM AWARD.

For many years Carol Cleveland has been urged to write her memoirs and her stories of her life in the golden age of film and TV. "Time has always been the issue," she says. "Simply getting the time to sit down and get it all down on paper. The stories are stellar, funny, odd and sometimes tough and my career is still going so the stories are still unfolding. So finding the time to write them down has been hard."

With the help of her friend Peter Jarrette and the excitement in her run up to re-joining the 'MONTY' Pythons, Carol has found the impetus to bring the world her showbiz tales, 'Pom Poms Up! From Puberty to Python' . 
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