The Untold Life of Queen Elizabeth - The Queen Mother, by Lady Colin Campbell

ISBN: 97809568038 18
: 496pp
:  24th April 2012
: Dynasty Press Ltd

Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother was called the 'most successful queen since Cleopatra' and the 'best queen consort ever'. Her personality was so captivating that even her arch-enemy the Duchess of Windsor wrote about 'her legendary charm' and when she died just a few months short of the impressive age of 102, she was covered in praise for a long life well lived. But there was another Elizabeth the Queen Mother behind the smiling granny, and the untold story of the life she really lived is far more fascinating and moving than the authorised version which has been peddled for the eighty eight years since she became royal, and which has formed the basis of all biographies written about her to date. Partly this is because none of the previous authors has had access to many of the sources that Lady Colin Campbell had, largely by virtue of being born into a prominent international family with royal connections, and having married into the ducal family of Argyll, which is also connected to the Royal Family. Those authors who did have access to some of the sources have been careful to follow the 'party line' and have merely hinted at a few of the more intriguing aspects of the Queen Mother's life, though none of the truly fascinating material has even been touched upon. Her sources, all of whom will be revealed in the book itself, include several members of the Royal Family; many Scottish and English aristocrats, and friends and relations of Elizabeth and the other members of the WIndsor and Strathmore families.

Lady Colin Campbell has for the last four decades been a pre-eminent figure in international society and a fixture in gossip columns in the UK and the US as well as being a writer respected for her accuracy, outspokenness and fearless courage. Connected to the Royal Family through mutual ancestors and marriage, she is the author of the London Times and New York Times bestseller Diana in Private (1992) and the acclaimed posthumous The Real Diana, as well as several other successful books. She has over the years been a frequent contributor to all the major television channels on both sides of the Atlantic, including CNN, Fox TV; German, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese TV; ITV and the BBC. According to Lynn Barber, Lady Colin Campbell is "the greatest gossip since Pepys" and Jenny Johnson of the Daily Mail claims she is "the most entertaining person alive".
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