Silk Flowers Never Die: Love, Death, Mental Illness & Courage in an
Internationally Renowned Family
, by Stella Mazzucchelli

: 978-0-9553507-2-6
:  405pp
: 2009
: Dynasty Press Ltd

Silk Flowers Never Die is an important and intensely personal memoir, powerfully showing with humanity and humour, the difficulties that exist for any family trying to cope with schizophrenia and mental distress. In a compelling story that reveals how much stranger than fiction fact is, Stella Mazzucchelli describes her determination to preserve her son from the worst effects of mental illness, while his young wife is dying of cancer.

In the process of trying to rise to these challenges, Stella is transformed from a beautiful, over-protected Society woman with alcohol issues, to an impressive, courageous earth-mother who now campaigns to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness by using her privileged position to positive effect. This moving book is informative on a host of subjects, ranging from the lifestyle of the International Super-Rich to the profundities of facing terminal illness and mental disease. Due to its intelligence, insight, and compassion the appeal of this amazing story and struggle should be universal.

'A must-read...a moving, informative, and humorous account of living through personal tragedy amidst great privilege...shows how common sense and a good heart are more important than all the money in the world.' Lady Colin Campbell
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