The Queen's Marriage
by Lady Colin Campbell

: 978-1-5272-0984-8
: 320pp
:  26th June 2018
: Dynasty Press Ltd

The inside story of The Queen's Marriage from renowned royal author Lady Colin Campbell contains previously undisclosed revelations. In this new book royal historian Lady Colin Campbell covers The Queen's Marriage in intimate detail. Using her connections and impeccable sources she recounts details of the inside story of the monarch's relationship with the Duke of Edinburgh and her close family.

Lady Colin Campbell lives with her two sons between a house in central London and Castle Goring in Sussex. She is connected to all the Royal Families of Europe and has been a fixture in Society and gossip columns on both sides of the Atlantic for five decades. She is the author of several celebrated books including London and New York Times bestsellers Diana in Private (1992) and The Real Diana (2004) and has been credited by People magazine as having written the most believable Diana biography. Lynn Barber credits the author as being "the greatest gossip since Pepys" and recommended that her Sunday Times magazine readers buy the author's last book, The Untold Life of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (2012) on the basis that she has an impeccable track record of revelations and firsts. She is the author of several other books including Guide to Being a Modern Lady (1986); The Royal Marriages (1993); A Life Worth Living (1997); Empress Bianca (2005); Daughter of Narcissus (2009); With Love From Pet Heaven (2010). Following her TV appearance on I'm a Celebrity in 2015 Lady C became the most Googled living individual for that year and was designated a national treasure.
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