Robert Gary Dodds was born in England and married into one of Jamaica's established colonial families in the 70s. He is highly adept at assessing and reading people, and counts a lot of established families in Jamaica as old friends this last 40 years. Remember Jamaica's motto: 'Out of Many - One People.'

Gary has a quick wit and sense of humor and is known for being a born diplomat, honesty, and telling it as it is. His reach through friends and connections covers most continents and those who know him say that he has a high level of integrity, and that he's someone who's great at keeping in touch with people.

He has done a lot of work with charities wherever he's lived, such as with terminally ill children in the former Vietnamese refugee camp in Hong Kong. He was a Governor of The Hong Kong Sea School for Boys, and helped out at a home for disabled children in Dubai. He sits on Rwanda and Burundi's Akilah Women's Institute Global Advisory Council.

With Mary, his wife of 38 years, they have homes in the United States and England. Their son Alexander and their daughter Rebecca and her family live a ten minute walk away from their North Carolina home. Gary travels extensively and works as a management consultant and advisor with a number of international companies, in the US, the West Indies, South America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India.
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Robert Gary Dodds
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