Terence Robert Cooper was born one foggy October day in the borough of Dagenham on the banks of the polluted Thames.  Until he was 12 years old he was an ordinary submissive working class schoolboy until a "near death experience" changed his entire attitude towards life.  He had contracted Hepatitus A and had been given up as lost by the doctors when he realised life was meant to be lived to the full.

On his recovery and well in advance of his time he quickly became a rebel against conformity formulating his personal motto, "In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed is put to death because he is different."

 A whole series of unforeseen events was to quickly lead him into a parallel world of Nazism, aristocracy, millionaires, and mystics, where he was able to adapt himself to situations which he had never dreamt existed while he was a schoolboy in Dagenham.

Mastering the language which he once detested at school he has now lived in France since 44 years, marrying a Belgian woman at the late age of 33, recently becoming a grandfather, "the last step before the old folks' home."  Still refusing to accept conformity he continues a clandestine life of wild adventures.
Terry Cooper
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