Vernon St. Clair Castle is a third generation Californian, born in 1951. He grew up in Los Angeles, California and attended UCLA as a pre-med student and graduated with a BS in Zoology and minor in Biochemistry.

His family were ranchers in the northern reaches of Los Angeles County but after the death of his father in 1952, his mother moved to the city where she worked as a designer.

After nearly a decade of travel and work around the world he married in 1984 and undertook the life of family and householder. The decade of travel included a formative period in Asia during the early 1980's when he explored the reality of becoming a Theravada Buddhist monk.

For the last thirty five years Vern has lived and worked in West Marin, California. He taught the sciences in both public and private schools until his retirement in 2013.

Currently he and his wife Renee, an encaustic and watercolour artist, divide their new "rewired" lives between Indonesia, Mexico and West Marin, California.

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Vernon S C Castle
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